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Med Grow Cannabis College

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Sunday, 13 November 2011 20:42

Med Grow Cannabis College is a marijuana college located in Southfield, Michigan that was created to help students launch careers as growers and caregivers, dispensary/collective owners and operators, hydroponic store owners and budtenders. Students enrolled at Med Grow Cannabis College become trained my industry leaders in medical marijuana education.

Med Grow Cannabis College is a medical marijuana school that is dedicated to the education and advocacy of patients and caregivers. Their primary goal is to provide their students with an education that will allow them to be extremely successful in the medical marijuana industry. Med Grow teaches students how to operate within the provisions of the state law, while providing quality, compassionate care to those in need.

Med Grow Cannabis College offers a wide range of marijuana classes in the daytime, evening, and online. They offer beginning and advanced classes on everything from marijuana business classes, to how to grow medical marijuana, to how to open a marijuana dispensary. Med Grow Cannabis College welcomes students from all medical marijuana states, and offers all inclusive travel packages and condensed classes for our out of state students.

Courses and Pricing
MedGrow Cannabis College offers a wide selection of marijuana classes, ranging in topics from how to grow medical marijuana indoors to how to start a dispensary or marijuana collective. Curriculums offered include horticulture and business, and course descriptions are listed below.

Marijuana Classes Pricing:

  • 6 Week Course: $475
  • 1 Week Course: $595
  • Online Course: $399
  • Advanced Course: $399

Curriculum: Horticulture/Advanced Horticulture
Courses include:

Medical Marijuana Horticulture 1010
It’s all about planning when you start your training in Michigan’s medical marijuana industry. This class presents two different growing scenarios based on a set of goals. Grow room construction and equipment selection are then covered. Lastly we cover genetics, the most important addition to your business. By the end of the class you can start to plan an indoor horticulture room of your own!

Plant Physiology 1010
You must understand how cannabis grows in order to properly grow the plant to its full potential. Intro to Plant Physiology covers the entire life cycle of cannabis. From seed to seed. Discussion includes germination, and mother plant selection.

Soil & Soil-less propagation 1010
Its time to get down and dirty. Soil or soil-less grown plants can be of tremendous size and potency. As well as expressing more subtle smells and flavors. The preferred medium for organics, as well as the most low maintenance method for growing indoors. Find out in the class if soil or soil-less is right for you.

Hydroponics 1010
A primer for hydroponics, common and easy hydroponic methods are introduced. Hydroponic growing has shown to increase size, yield, and growth rates of cannabis. Hydroponic growing can be your effective answer for your indoor horticulture room. In depth discussion of DWC (Deep Water Culture) is also included.

Veg. Cycle 1010
Your seedlings are showing new growth, the clones have roots, its time to start vegetative growth cycle. Included are time tested feeding regiments for maximum vegetative growth. All aspects of the plant are covered, including the all important root mass. Mother plant care is also discussed, as well as a primer to pruning/training.

Bloom Cycle 1010
Your plants are ready to grow up and start producing flowers! Don’t allow your self to miss out on growing your strains to their genetic potential. Time tested feeding regiments, as well as new methods are discussed and implemented. Also covered, after you harvest, its time for drying and curing. A harvesting lab and demonstration are presented in this class as well.

Cooking & Concentrates 1010
“What do I do with all this trim and leftovers?”, this class will give you several options in how to deal with excess production. Learn how to make edible medication for your patients, as well as concentrates to more easily treat symptoms.

CCurriculum: Business and Law/Advanced Business
Courses include:

Financial Planning 1010
Med Grow’s Financial Planning 1010 class is designed to introduce medical marijuana entrepreneurs to medical marijuana friendly savings and retirement vehicles. Taught by industry experts at AXA Financial, this class is stresses wealth creation, preservation, and tax avoidance.

Account and Taxation 1010
Med Grow’s Accounting and Taxation 1010 covers a wide variety of tax based compliance issues pertaining to medical marijuana businesses. Taught by UHY LLP manager Brent Jones, this class is designed to ensure medical marijuana entrepreneurs and IRS and tax based compliant. Discussion for this class includes but is never limited to, tax forms and registration, deadlines, self employment taxes, LLC and S-Corp compliance issues, book keeping, itemized deductions, and write offs. One on one time with our industry experts is always available to address specific issues. Class discussion and questions are encouraged.

Business Development 1010
Med Grow’s Business 1010 in an introductory class discussing the business opportunities in the medical marijuana industry. Taught by industry expert and M.B.A. Henry Shultz, Business 1010 is designed to give like minded entrepreneurs the information and education needed to start a medical marijuana business. Topics for this class include licensing guidelines, care giving as a business, cooperatives, LLC’s, Not for Profit Corporations, LLLC’s, best business practices, building your business, finding patients, and much more. Class discussion and specific questions are always encouraged.

Cannabis as Medicine 1010
Cannabis as Medicine 1010 is taught by Med Grow Medical Director Dr. Art Power MD. Dr. Power discusses qualifying conditions as seen through the eyes of a physician, medical uses of marijuana, caring for your patients, cannabinoid profiling, medical record preparation, and the range of conditions that cannabis is generally used to treat. This class is particularly help in that it provides great clarity to our students on the patient qualification process.

Medical Marijuana Law 1010
Med Grow’s Legal 1010 class is always the first class taught in your curriculum (when applicable). We strongly believe in legal compliance of issues surrounding the medical marijuana industry. Legal 1010 brings clarity to the otherwise ambiguous areas of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Discussion is also created to include other medical marijuana states. Emphasis is placed on plant and weight limitations, licensing, lapse periods, state registration, grey areas, and seed and clone acquisition. It is our goal that students feel confident in their understanding of the law after taking the Legal 1010 class.

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