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How To Open a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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The medical marijuana industry is booming, creating countess employment opportunities for business-minded individuals to open marijuana dispensaries, cannabis collectives and other marijuana-based businesses. And as more and more states pass medical marijuana laws, there is a growing need for a place for patients to get safe and legal access to their medicine – which is probably why you are interested in learning how to open marijuana dispensary or collective. There are many factors involved in learning how to open a medical marijuana dispensary, but here is a high level checklist on how to start a dispensary in your state:

  1. Get a medical marijuana prescription
    Obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation, medical marijuana card or caregiver card is the first step for almost anyone who wants to learn how to grow marijuana. Most states require those who wish to learn how to grow medical marijuana to register according to that sate’s specific guidelines, and that may involve getting a recommendation from a marijuana doctor. Check with your state to learn more about the application process and the grow limits before learning how to grow marijuana
  2. Follow Your State’s Guidelines
    Each state has it’s own requirements for who can start a dispensary or cannabis collective. Some states have detailed, time consuming application processes, while others simply require you to obtain a license and pay taxes. And just because medical marijuana is legal in your state doesn’t mean opening a dispensary is legal. It’s imperative that you follow your specific state’s rules when you are learning how to open a marijuana dispensary to ensure your business is safe and successful.
  3. Become a Patient or Caregiver
    Most states require dispensary owners and providers to be registered caregivers and/or patients. So again, it’s important to adhere to your specific state’s guidelines on how to open a medical marijuana dispensary. Check to see if your state requires you to become a marijuana patient or caregiver, and follow your state’s registration process on becoming a legal patient or caregiver.
  4. Set Up Your Business
    Setting up a business includes important steps such as creating a business plan, getting funding and setting up a corporation. Most medical marijuana lawyers will recommended those interested in how to open a medical marijuana dispensary should form a corporation rather than a LLC. Many states require you to create your collective as a non-profit corporation before you can receive your license or permits.
  5. Find a Location
    Signing a lease is an important step in how to open a medical marijuana dispensary because you often need a physical address before you can file for any licenses and permits, since the permits will only be valid for the location you provide.
  6. Obtain Product
    Before you can open a marijuana dispensary, you must have medicine that you can provide for your patients. Exactly how you obtain your medicine depends on your state’s guidelines. Some states require all medicine to be grown on site, while others allow any member of the collective to grow for the dispensary.
  7. Open up for business
    The final step in how to open a marijuana dispensary isn’t as easy as it seems. Before you can open your business you must address security issues, develop a marketing plan, hire employees and purchase all of the essentials such as cash registers, display cases, furnishings, computer systems, phone lines, office equipment and more.

Learn More About How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary

If you need help learning how to start a dispensary, there are marijuana schools and marijuana classes available in many marijuana states. Attending a marijuana university is a great way to get the medical marijuana education you need to learn how to open a marijuana dispensary or collective in your state.

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