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Saturday, 12 November 2011
Written by Administrator
Published in Growing Certification

The Advanced Cannabis Cultivator Certification program will provide a review of horticulture basics, and quickly jump into advanced nutrients, alternative growing techniques, commercial cultivation, genetics and breeding, legality and compliance as well as give you advice on how to improve your current operations. This is essential for anyone looking to secure a position as a vendor or grower for a dispensary or collective farm. If you are committed to growing the finest grade of medical cannabis for use by medical marijuana patients, while complying with all applicable laws and guidelines, then this is the program for you. Graduates of the Advanced program quickly become recognized as some of the highest quality and compliant growing experts in their growing communities.

Saturday, 12 November 2011
Written by Administrator
Published in Growing Certification

Marijuana College offers two levels of Cannabis Growing and Horticulture Certifications for students interested in learning how to grow marijuana from seed to harvest. Our Cannabis Cultivation Certification program encompasses all of the basics which will be your foundation for success with growing this miraculous plant. Expert instructors will provide a comprehensive understanding of proper set-up, lighting requirements, watering cycles, ventilation systems, and equipment selection. This course curriculum is essential for any medical marijuana patient looking to properly cultivate cannabis for personal use and reduce the cost of your medicine tremendously. Experienced growers are encouraged to take this class as it provides an in-depth look at pH balance, pest control, trimming, odor control, harvesting and the curing process. We will provide hands-on learning excersices, guest lectures, and demonstrations throughout the program.

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